Attention Iamaio family.  Any members of the Iamaio family may request an email address free of charge at this domain!

Your email will address will be:

If you are interested in having your own email address at drop me, Nathaniel a msg at

nathaniel at

There are some requirements to having this set up work.  In fact your new email address is just a forwarding service, not a real email account.  You can't check your mail at your address.  You can only check it from your destination email account.  You must have an email address of your own to direct email to.

The service will work like this: will direct mail to your current email address.  Let's call that one  You will give your address out to people and they will send messages to you at that email address.  This service will direct those incoming messages to  The nice thing about this service is that if you ever decide to change your email address for what ever reason, say you change internet service providers, you just drop me a msg and have directed to your new email address!  No more sending out a message to everyone on your email list telling them that you've moved.  You'll still be

This new email address will NOT introduce a possibility of someone else checking your email or intruding on your privacy.  The only person who can check your email account is someone who has the password to your destination email address.

If you have any questions email me at my email address listed above.